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Stephanie and Nancy. Half-sisters?

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Hey guys~ I am still here. The last few weeks have just been so busy for me. It’s over. Finally. But I have school next week so I may disappear again. :< 

As you can see, I have the demo installed. I really like the features so far. Though I am still a bit pissed that EA would downgrade… I am still going to keep an open mind about this game. I really like it so far. And what it has to offer.

I’m surprised that I came up with this guy. I installed the game and entered it, feeling like I would create someone who looks off. But no, I have a good feeling about this Rich dude. His name is Richard “Rich” Spencer.

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The Sims 4 - New HD Screenshots

this kind of reminds me of toontown

I wonder what that building is..hmm

Reminds me of Meet The Robinsons ><

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